urban minigolf device

PUTPUT - Reclaim your urban environment playfully.

Urban space features a variety of natural and artificial obstacles and thus serves as an inexhaustable miniature golf course. A few years ago a young generation of golf players discovered the streets for their purposes. Street Golfing or Urban Golfing emerged in some large cities, but soon vanished into thin air again. This is exactly where PUTPUT comes in.

Miniature golf is still a rather widespread subspecies of golf, which enjoys great popularity among both sportive or less so people. It thus forms the perfect basis for reclaiming public urban space in a playful and not over-serious way. The simple system of miniature golf is plain to everybody and goes without any tedious training. All one needs is a club, a ball and a target to pocket the ball. The great charm of miniature golf lies in its simplicity, in the playfulness of the course and, naturally, in the sociable quality of competing with friends. All this one may find on miniature golf courses, but just as well in the streets, in parks and in public spaces. And, what is more, it is then free of charge. The result is a self-sufficiently moving miniature golf device, which is able to react to external conditions and which may detect if a ball has reached its target.